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KEITHLEY 2657A 高功率 SourceMeter SMU 儀器

  • Source or sink up to 180W of DC or pulsed power (±3000V@20mA, ±1500V@120mA)
  • 1fA low current resolution
  • Dual 22-bit precision ADCs and dual 18-bit 1µs per point digitizers for high accuracy and high speed transient capture
  • Fully TSP ® compliant for easy system integration with Series 2600B System SourceMeter models
  • Combines a precision power supply, current source, DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, V or I pulse generator, electronic 18-bit load, and trigger controller – all in one instrument
  • Includes TSP ® Express characterization software, LabVIEW ® driver, and Keithley’s Test Script Builder software development environment